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Reading and writing go together like shoes and socks, Mickey and Minnie, salt and pepper. They are compliments of each other.
Sweet lovers for all eternity. 💙💙

The Freely Reading Virtual Classroom is a place to practice writing, judgment free, to throw your ideas down, to come up with new ideas, to have opinions and be able to state them coherently. Writing ties your ideas together for others to understand.


The Writing Process Document
Even a great writer uses a process & can improve upon it.

Narrative Paragraph Writing

General Thesis Statements Document
Your paper is naked without a thesis statement

3 Part/Blueprinted Thesis Statements Document
Your paper is naked without it.

Sentence Fluency Document
The natural flow of the language, the way the writing plays to the ear
Improving your Writing, One Trait at a Time

You’ve Got to Add PERSONALITY!

Modeling 6 Writing Traits
Voice, Vocabulary/Word Choice, Content/Ideas, Sentence Fluency, Conventions, Organization