Teach - Freely Reading


If teaching reading and writing is your passion, you’ve landed in the right place. It is my belief that how well one teaches equals how well students learn. After teaching reluctant readers for 21 years, I know for sure that even if one puts together amazing lessons, with targeted goals and clear expectations that doesn’t ensure students jump to the tasks willingly or with pleasure. We can expect on task behaviors, but unfortunately, we cannot predict them. Only through active participation with a expert teacher can students learn. This site is developed as a *model* of what you can do to garner active participation. Although I’m demonstrating the strategies with and without active participants, I’m hoping by watching me demonstrate the strategies, you can turn around and put them to use in your own classroom.

Tools for Teaching Content Literacy:

Follow the Good Teaching Cycle. Ensure what you’re teaching is the right path to your desired outcome.

Active Readers: What do skilled readers do to ‘make sense’ of text that passive, unskilled readers do not.

Intervention and Support for Struggling Readers: How to know if the tools you are using make better readers.

Proficient Readers: What do skilled readers do that the unskilled do not.

Scaffolding Reading Instruction: See what skilled teachers do to ensure all learners are prepared for any text

How to administer CONCEPTS of PRINT beginning reader assessment

Pre-School Picture Walk