Summer House Rules ~ Freely Reading

Summer House Rules


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Bored Jar Ideas:

Read a book

Write in your journal

Tidy your bedroom

Do one job

Draw something, Draw an animal, Draw our house

Paint something

Play the ABC Game (Take turns. Sentences start with A. Then B. Then C.)

Watch a movie

Make a gift for someone

Tidy your desk

Make homemade bubbles

Take a bubble bath

Bake something

Go on Youtube and search funny things

Make homemade Bubbles

Make Gloop

Create a treasure hunt

Make something with recycled materials

Story starting – There is a _______ in my garden….

Story starting – Yesterday I went in a _________ to….

Story starting – There once was a little ______ who liked to skip….

Write a story about you.

Find shapes in clouds

Create a family flag

Play a musical instrument

Do the recycling

Build a time capsule

Find something in your house that starts with every letter of the alphabet

Have a picnic – indoor or outdoor. Stuffed toys and dolls allowed.

Have a scooter race.

Have a hula hoop contest

Play with a toy you haven’t played with in a while.

Learn ten words in a different language

Play on the trampoline

Make homemade play dough

Make and decorate paper airplanes

Walk the dog, Wash the dog

Make an animal out of the things in the craft cupboard

Make something with a box

Make a den

Play guitar

Tidy under your bed

Look through the cook books and choose something you can cook everyone

Build something out of Legos.

Make a list of black and white animals.

Paint your nails

Make a sock puppet

Take a bubble bath

Play a board game

Make a board game of your own

Customize your clothes

Play on the wii

Draw a picture blindfolded

Draw a picture with your feet

Make a video

Write a poem

Google something to make

Make a card pyramid

Collect some stones and make them into bugs

Dance to loud music

Play on the trampoline

Start a club with your friends

Sew something

Play outside with friends

Ride your bike

Water balloon fight

Wash the car

Play with the chalk outside

Make a bookmark

Make some homemade icees

Make a lemonade stand