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If you’re a looking for a highly qualified tutor who wants to help build you into an extraordinary student, we’re here to serve you.

English/Language Arts & Reading | Certified Exceptional Student Education Teacher | Dawn Goldstein

Secondary Math | Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus |  Megan Vargas

Secondary Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics | Savannah Barnes & Samantha Cossin

Middle School Math | Chris Guski, a career change educator, currently teaches math for a private ‘micro’ school. After college, Chris served as a criminal investigator and a supervisory federal agent for nearly two decades. His passion for children and desire to raise a family took him from south Jersey to south Florida where he is raising a son and twin daughters with his wife Danielle and their lovable pets. Chris’s passion is teaching math and critical thinking skills. He also coaches his children in lacrosse, flag football, soccer and dance. Once, he even participated in his daughter’s dance recital. As a cancer survivor who had to have a stem call transplant, Chris has experienced and survived difficult days and he’s ready to serve you in the biggest way he can. He wants you to LOVE math and he’s ready to start working with you.

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