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Freely Reading Gold Membership

Master simple growth hacks to bust through any reading block.


Gain more confidence in your reading ability and learn to read freely.

Fun, interactive activities are designed specifically for the secondary learner, or Grade 6-Adult.

Students will learn to decode previously unknown multisyllabic words and read content area passages more accurately and fluently.

Reading is a skill that stays with you forever and that is why I wrote this E-class sharing my simple strategies so you can ‘Understand Everything You Read’ and to help you get ahead and stay ahead by teaching you how to:

  • Unlock the pronunciation of long words.
  • Experience increased comprehension.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to pass any test.

Without giving it all away at once, this E-class will cover simple, yet proven growth hacks that will help you master the following areas:

Word Attack: Learn a flexible decoding strategy where you will be taught how to read multisyllabic words, word parts, high frequency vowel combinations and word relatives effortlessly and accurately.

Fluency: Increase your comprehension as you learn to read words more accurately, quickly, and with expression.

Vocabulary: Receive explicit instructions on how to acquire a larger, more effective vocabulary.

Comprehension: Discover self regulating strategies to ensure you understand the meaning and message of a story.

It’s one Roller Coaster of a class! I can’t wait for you to join me!

Ready. Set. Go! Sign up, and reach out.


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