Platinum Membership - Freely Reading

Platinum Membership


Platinum Members receive 10 private, closed door, get down to the nitty gritty, online tutoring sessions plus access to the entire Freely Reading course.

My online classroom feels much like private in home tutoring. The Freely Reading program offers the bells and whistles of technology infused with authentic reading instruction, along with the added bonus of not having to drive anywhere.

For Platinum members, my entire focus is on YOU. I aim to provide breakthroughs, motivation, encouragement and whatever it takes to help you move comfortably ahead.

The sessions will be powerful, useful and immediately applicable to your life.

Membership Includes:

1. Access to Freely Reading course

2. 10 One-on-one online tutoring sessions.

Parent Bonuses:

1. A completed copy of a comprehensive, individual reading inventory (IRI) that you won’t get in a regular school because it’s too time intensive for teachers to administer. The IRI includes grade level inventories, pre and post test results in all areas of reading. There are three different types of comprehension I will monitor- listening, oral and silent. All three give me valuable information into your child’s current abilities and mindset which helps me customize their learning experience and outcomes.

2. A review of any standardized test scores, Individualized Education Plans (IEP), and any educational growth plan already in place. (I’m certified in three areas of Exceptional Student Education and I’ve written thousands of IEPs).

Ready. Set. Go! Sign up, and reach out.



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