If you fail to plan, plan to fail ~ Freely Reading

If I want to be great I have to win the victory over myself. ~Harry S. Truman


It’s not easy staying on your A game every day. To stay on your A game, you must plan and then begin!

Two sayings echo in my brain when I think of being successful.

1. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

2. Well begun is halfway done.

Both of these old sayings have so much meaning. If you don’t plan how you’ll get things done. You won’t do them. And if you just get started, you’re half way there! Do you want to learn an easy way to stay on the right path? Then download (and customize) the holistic organizer below. Then read on to see how I get the nitty gritty done and feel a huge sense of accomplishment and success at the end of each day.

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I’ve been using this planner for years to balance the tasks of career and motherhood. From taking care of me to reminding me when to start prepping for dinner, I use it to track my health, finances, career and more. It helps me prioritize my day, week, month and my life.  When I keep transferring a monthly task over and over again, and I never get it done, it helps me realize, “It’s not that important” if I haven’t tackled the task and eventually, I just stop writing it down.

It’s a constant struggle to stay on my ‘A’ game all the time. Our lifelong goal is to enjoy each other- to make great memories. It is not a contest to see how many items I can check off my to do list. Do you need more convincing?

Follow these three wise ways:


Get Started: Go now and print ‘the daily routine.’  How easy is that? Well begun is halfway done. Sometimes, finding a printer that works is a battle. If you don’t care to print, then you may proceed to Steps 2-3 without printing; however, as a writing teacher, I think it’s best to actually handwrite the next steps, with a real pen, in the real world of paper and penmanship. If you are conscious of wasting paper, print one copy and buy an overhead transparency and a wet erase marker, but then you need more stuff and you can’t get started right now. It’s a personal choice.


Put You First: There really is no use continuing with this plan if you don’t agree with the idea that a person must take care of and love themselves first before they can love or nurture another well. If you’re really working to accomplish any goal, first you need to realize that you come first. Notice the ‘taking care of me’ section on the daily routine. I tend to lose track of how much I drink, so I started to track it. It’s very simple, he more water you drink, the better  you  feel. Water also does wonders for my skin. Notice I don’t have  ‘food’ listed in this section. Here’s why. I find when I drink water and exercise for 30 minutes everyday, I don’t have to worry about what I eat. That doesn’t mean I eat as much as I want, it simply means I don’t deny myself a chocolate chip cookie when I want one. I just don’t eat too many. Next, exercising everyday requires discipline and a schedule. Writing down my fitness plan takes 2 seconds. All I must do is remind myself that I don’t need to fret about what I eat, if I must make daily exercise a priority. If you agree with me that taking care of yourself is a priority, then it’s time to move on toward  clarifying your goals. If you don’t agree, use that space for other priorities.

Step 3. 

Prioritize: This next step might send a real procrastinator into cardiac arrest, but I promise, in just a few weeks, you’ll have so much accomplished your heart will have more room to love. Do you have your print copy ready? If so, here goes:

  1. Write down everything that comes to mind that really needs to get done. (I print two lists each day, one for home and one for work). The lists are broken down into three sections: the daily list, the weekly list, the monthly list. Don’t worry or fret. What I write on the lists doesn’t always get done, but just writing it down is part of the process. I once wrote down and transferred daily ‘sell items on ebay/craigs list’ so many times that I decided to give the items away. Once you transfer the same goal from day to day and week to week and even month to month, you learn what you really value and what can wait, and most importantly, what needs to go.
  2. Understand that tasks may get crossed off, deleted and flipped from top (most important) to bottom. That’s okay. It’s totally normal.
  3. More important than the tasks and to do’s of the day is the outcome you want at the end of the day. Do you want to be happy or do you want to get things done? Hopefully, you want more joy and if you manage your day by doing the things that will add joy, you’ll find you’ll end your day with a sense of accomplishment and happiness that crossing items off a list can’t bring.  I don’t judge my day by how much I get done on this planner. It just keeps me organized. I manage my outcomes, not my lists. If the goal is more time with my girls, and I achieve it, I feel successful. Again, never judge a day by how many items are checked off your list, but how well you feel you accomplished your outcomes for the day.

Get your free planner here:::  HOLISTIC PLANNING ORGANIZER