Decoding Strategies ~ Freely Reading

Word Attack and Decoding

All beginning readers must memorize these first 100 (and the next 200, 300, etc) in order to begin fluent reading. Dr. Seuss was both a lifesaver and a genius when took Fry’s first 100 words and published “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.”  The Cat in the Hat is  a classic we all adore. Dr. Seuss made a fortune in publishing while parents, teachers and students everywhere rejoiced. He made beginning reading fun and easy.

Not every word can be mastered with word attack skills. Some words must be memorized. Take the word “was”. It is pronounce WUZ, but you’ll never get to that pronunciation using phonics. Some words simply must be memorized.

Watch now to see how I trained my daughter to memorize using the ON TARGET game.

Click here for — > ON TARGET  practice document

Transition from Guided Practice to Independent Practice:

  1. Try not to say ‘no’ or ‘wrong.’ Instead say, “try again.”
  2. If they don’t get it, tell them the word, discuss it, and move on to the next one.
  3. Ready made note cards were found at