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  • Understand Everything You Read (Full Course)

    47 Lessons

    Gain more confidence in your reading ability and learn to read freely. Fun, interactive activities are designed specifically for the secondary learner, or Grade 6-Adult. Students will learn to decode previously unknown multisyllabic words and read content area passages more accurately and fluently. Reading is a skill that stays with you forever and that is why I wrote this E-class sharing […]

  • Freely Reading Intro Course (Free)

    6 Lessons

    Learn how to understand everything you read without zoning out. With my simple reading growth hacks, you’ll be able to optimize your reading efforts and increase your ability to comprehend. In the E-class, I’ll share with you: What skilled readers do that non-skilled readers do not. The real strategies behind their success. How to unblock yourself from understanding to help understand everything […]

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