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Context Clues: Discover the Meaning of Unknown Words

Skilled readers don’t usually stop what they’re reading to look up a word they don’t understand. They use the context of what’s happening in the text to catch a clue of the meaning. Learn how to better understand what you read in this video.

BOLO: Be on the look out for hidden meanings. Remember, the meaning of a word depends on the context, or the way it is used. In this video, you will learn how to use a highly effective strategy vocabulary strategy to figure out the meaning of unknown words.  Context clues are words that surround a particular word and help in identifying it.  Many of the words around the unknown word suggest, or lead to the meaning. Ask yourself:

What words around it tell you something about the word?

What words would go together with this word?

This video demonstrates how to use 7 different types of Context Clues to discover the meaning of unknown words

Get better reading comprehension results.  Watch this video now!