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The thunderous power of mommy and daddy. If there was ever a book to ‘fix’ any parenting problem, this is it. My children are unhappy right now. Not all day. Not every day. But I can feel it. So I am revisiting this book to revive my parenting mojo.



Much of my girls unhappiness is the time of year. Almost three years ago, we lost their father in a very tragic way. We can’t help but wish our dear Adrian could spend our days with us to share our joys, our sorrows, our triumphs, our lives. Still, his angelic presence keeps me positive. I often talk to him about the girls much like we spoke when he was alive. I’ll lament, “Can you believe I/she did that? OMG!” or I’ll boast, “Did you see how quickly I turned that one around. That was some good stuff, ay, Adrian?”

As a single parent, I strive to raise them consciously and my parenting is far from perfect. I’ve done a ton wrong and thankfully I’m wise enough to apologize and turn my poor choices around.

This book helped me tremendously. So, what is the #1 go to parent strategy?  I learned to   L  O  V  E  them   CONSCIOUSLY!

With being in tune with them.

With mindfulness.

To turn the spotlight on me (my patterns, my baggage).

To love them a little less, so I can love them more. (This is a HUGE concept from the book.)

To make it less about me, and more about them.

This is a moment by moment process. I mess up everyday. But, they feel safe when I process my mistakes with them. I mend and tend. I DO NOT PRETEND!

No matter what they do and how they act, I love them. But if I am grieving, so are they. If I am empty, so are they. So I raise my level of consciousness so my children may show me the path to my greatest self and my greatest evolution.

I’m not going to lie, this conscious parenting thing is not easy. No one triggers me like my children can and sometimes, I want to hit, scream and punish them for life, but I know none of these are effective, long term strategies. I once screamed so loud, so long, I lost my voice. I mean, I was a cheerleader from age 4 through college and I never, ever, ever lost my voice yelling. So, that’s saying a lot- to say, I lost my voice. Dr. Tsabary’s book turned all that around for me.

When I aim to be a conscious parent, I become empowered. I become  LOVE. I know in time my LOVE for them will make us all well. Still, it’s so hard to watch them fail and flounder. My first instinct is to fix it or blame myself. What ‘The Conscious Parent” reminds me is how well I know myself equates to how well I parent.

Watch this short video of Dr. Tsabary telling it like it is. I hope she inspires you to become awake.

Being AWAKE, or conscious isn’t easy, but it is essential, it is empowering and it is possible.

The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary has revolutionized the parent paradigm! Anyone want to do a virtual book club and discuss this book? If so, leave me a comment below and we will make it happen!

Have you ever felt powerless as a parent? What strategies do you use that work best for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Be well! Stay strong and most importantly, never stop learning. Never stop growing!