Comprehension Check Up - Freely Reading

Skilled readers use thinking tools to understand. Fill your tool belt.

All of the strategies below are documents used in the full Freely Reading Virtual Course. Feel free to use them to improve your active thinking skills.

Character Examination document: As you to read a novel, print and use the Character Card and Active Reading Skills worksheet  to ensure you are actively engaged in what you are reading.

Monitoring Meaning/Comprehension Connection: Sticky Notes Strategy document: MARK IT UP: Use sticky notes to mark up a book as you read. When you come to one of the answers to your questions and you don’t want to stop reading, use a sticky note to mark it up. If it’s your book, write in it!

Metacognitive During Reading Strategies document: Before, during and after you read, be sure to find ways that YOU connect with the text by using the proven technique.

Short Story Map: The short story is one roller coaster of a ride. Use this document to track your comprehension as you read.

Herringbone Cause and Effect organizer: A great tool to use to understand cause and effect during or after you read.

Compare and Contrast: A great tool to use to understand compare and contrast before, during, or after you read.

Question Creation Chart: It’s not the answers that are important. It’s the questions. Open this document for an easy what to aid your comprehension. The further down the chart you go, the harder the questions, the greater the depth of knowledge needed to answer the question.